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Episode 17- Cartoon talk with Gina Ippolito!!

Hey internet!

Geek of the week is back with a vengeance, and without further ado, we’re joined by Comedian, writer, director and actress Gina Ippolito!

Gina is a writer on the regular Show, which just wrapped up its eighth and final season. She’s worked on  a few other shows like The Powerpuff Girls reboot. People who are familiar with the interwebs may have seen her on as well as a member of the Screen Junkies Crew, duking it out on MovieFights, and a writer on Honest Trailers, as well as tons and tons and tons of podcasts.

It’s a full house today, as Beau, Mike, Pete, and Gina talk about Saturday Morning (the cartoon part, not the afternoon basketball part). They ponder such things as:

  • Who the Hell are Jayce and the Wheeled Warriors, and why should we care about his magic root?
  • All those times Van Damme accidentally kicked people in the head.
  • Thuuundarrr The Barbarian!! vs. Hurculoids!
  • Has Gummy Berry Juice contributed to the steroid abuse scandals in professional sports?
  • Why do all the ladies (and Donatello) get stuck with the bow staffs?
  • and remember the SecTaurs??

Oh, and Sorry about the delays – Fill in the blanks with this one: (technical difficulties, Jobs, the environment, -can we use the upcoming robopocalypse ?). We’re back on regular schedule with a host of new episodes and a bunch of special guests!

You can find Gina at @GinaIppy on twitter and on her knowing is half the podcast on facebook and Itunes. The Regular Show’s all wrapped up, but you can check out  episodes on Cartoon Network!

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