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Episode 9 – Interview with Ramón Pérez!

We’re taking this week with the Eisner award winning comic artist Ramón Pérez about his work in the comics and role playing industry, as well as his indie projects coming up.

During his career,  Ramón got his start in the Palladium RPG company, drawing Grackles, Layline Walkers, and Snaggle-toothed-carpet-baggers for the Rifts Line. He landed an award for best inker/Penciller for the Jim Henson penned “A Tale of Sand“, for Artesia comics, before moving onto DC and Marvel. He was the illustrator for SpiderMan: Learning to Crawl, and recently finished his run on the Hawkeye comic.

Do we really need to tell you to check him out?  You can follow him and his illustrious beard on instagram, check out his website, and also catch on his two amazing webcomics: Butternut Squash and Kubukuri.

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Geek of the Week Podcast #2 – Comic Movies – Podcast – Home of GoTW Podcast

This is the Geek of the Week’s second podcast, your hosts Beau and Michael bring to you a new and personal take on everything geek culture. Yes,  here it is our second super geeky podcast made by geeks, for geeks about any and every subject from comics to games and everything in between. In this, our second  episode we tackle the subject of the comic movies past, present and soon to be. Our thoughts on this subject might surprise you.  (Warning: Some profanity censored by quacks) Have a listen and follow us on a one hour journey of super epic and  geeky proportions.



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