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Episode 11- Dice Corner Extended!

Hey internet!- Its dice time

(Editor’s Note) In this episode, two things happen. First, we lose our audio in the beginning, so instead of replacing ten minutes of dialog with duck quacks, we said screw it and went on  like nothing happened. Then, Beau pretends he’s never role-played before and asks his Local GM (Mike) about the who’s and what’s of how RPG’s work .  As much as I’d like to envision Beau and Mike in whips, chains and leather; that is not what they are actually talking about. Oh well a girl can dream right ? Now on with the show !

Links to games we talk about:

  • Nightbane, by Palladium Books. originally called Nightspawn, this C.J. Carella tabletop Game explore
  • We also talk about many incarnations of the Starwars RPG. Our favorites are below:
    • D6- The generic rules are open source, as in free! As in, no costo moolah.
  • Robotech RPG- by Palladium Books. Where do we start? You can say its a game based on an anime, but you can also say its a wartime game about perseverance under impossible odds. The game series is alive with new books coming out every year and a cool board game called Robotech RPG Tactics.
  • HOL-Its funny, just read it.

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