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Episode 16- Rogue One Spoilers & Carrie Fisher

2016 Sucked!!

Glad that’s over. Unfortunately, shortly before recording our Rogue One Spoilers Review, we heard about the passing of Carrie Fisher, so we’re a little less ‘together’ than usual. With that, the crew is a little divided on Rogue One, and the state of underwear in the Star Wars Universe. Mind you, there are


of the last two movies (Force Awakens & Rogue One), as we discuss the movies, minute, and generally duke it out over the characters in the resistance.

As we push out the 25th posting of the show ( with 16 eps, 9 mini’s), we would just like to thank all our listeners and subscribers for sticking with us. We’re pretty excited about the next shows coming up, with interviews, reviews, and tons of other stuff, and we would love to hear your feedback. Its a labor of love, and appreciate the love in return.

On with the program, and have a happy 2017!

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