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Pete Talks Westworld!!

My Dear and Loyal Friends,

Have you accepted Westworld into your hearts? Pete sat us down and tried to convert the geeks to  the gospel of robots and human nature,  and why should YOU watch Westworld? What’s it about, where did it come from? All the themes- All Spoiler free!!

Later, we touch a little on Ghost in the Shell, and triggers into a showdown of classic scifi vs. classic fantasy. Which does it better, and which is quantity over quality. And, most importantly, is there  even a difference these days? (see StarWars for details)

  •  “Beastmaster was not … timeless”

And then Pete goes into a heated ragebender for the recent Walking Dead episodes, which is weird, because we never hear anything but love out of the guy, so WD must be really torturing him.  (Warning: minor WD spoilers if you’re not caught up, with some major ones for the comic.

Did you like Westworld? Or the picks for the best Scifi and fantasy movies? Did you think Pete is right to hate on the Walking Dead, or does he just need a hug?  Suggestions? Complaints and vegtable throwing- Drop us a line, and if they’re awesome we’ll read them over the air.

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