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Episode 12- Why the Vs? Featuring Trisha Hershberger!

Hello Folks!

Today, Trisha Hershberger hangs out with the geeks and we ask all the important questions, like:

  • Cosplaying
  • Why we as fans love seeing, reading, talking etc.. about Vs. stuff?
  • Smaug Vs. The Game of Thones Dragons
  • How awesome will the Superman Vs Batman movie be?
  • Why is Thorin Oakenshield’s beard that damn sexy?

Trish is all over the internet, but you can catch her on:

-We have a Facebook page – GOTW news, updates and sweet sweet geek love.  Subscribe on Itunes and Rss! We’re also on Stitcher too! Oh yeah, sweet sweet tweets too, for the facebook disinclined.

-Once again, a big shout out to the band Freak Kitchen for our intro, check out band news & tour dates on Facebook.

-Music on the dice segment is Critical Hit, by No More Kings. Follow Lead Singer  @daspetey for cartoons , claymations & updates on the new album- Thanks Pete!

-Ending music  is See Ya later by our boy  Adrian (KO). Check out Life is Suite Music – for new releases by KO and his Crew of awesome artists.

Geek of the Week Podcast #1 – Supergirl Pilot – Podcast – Home of GoTW Podcast

This is the Geek of the Week inaugural podcast, your hosts Beau and Michael bring to you a new and personal take on everything geek culture. Yes that’s right our very first super geeky podcast made by geeks for geeks, about any and every subject from comics to games and everything in between. In this, our first episode we tackle the subject of the upcoming CBS Supergirl television pilot (Spoilers). Have a listen and follow us on a one hour journey of super epic and  geeky proportions.

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