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Minisode 4- COSPLAY!!!

Cosplay Cosplay Cosplay! A few weeks ago Beau went to the Cos-Losseum cosplay convention in San Diego, California, to mingle with some of the bleeding edge costume & makeup designers in the world of cosplay.

He interviews some of the past contestants from FaceOff, the Syfy channels sfx contest that challenges artists to come up with awesome make up effects and creatures. You can watch Face-Off On

Rashaad Santiago was the Season 6 winner, he can be found at his website  Empirefx,  and on Facebook. He’s also doing make up effects for the upcoming Indie movie,   “The Enuatii”, this fall.

Anthony Reyes, was a contestant from Season 8 of Face Off, as well as an accomplished makeup and vfx artist, on multiple shows , Make-up by AER, on Facebook and on Twitter.

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Ending music by our boy  Corona.